About Prairie Systems
Prairie Systems provides web-based data management
applications for the livestock industry.
PrairiE Systems listened to what pork producers were telling them... “There has to be a better way!”. A better way to allocate and order feed rations. A better way to manage multiple production sites. A better way to track feed from order to delivery. Well there is a better way, thanks to PrairiE Systems' stock of web based applications. PrairiE Systems represents a new age in pork production, the bar has been set.
Feed Allocation System

Automate your most complicated and time-consuming tasks and ensure you’re delivering the right feed at the right time.

FasTrac provides you with the ability to view and report on many elements of the feed delivery cycle, from Mill to Bin.

BarnWatch II's unique design allows all farm personnel to easily monitor daily water, temperature, and humidity in each of your barns.
"We’ve modernized the way
livestock producers order feed."
Top Row (left to right) Sean Smart, Jason Armond
Middle Row (left to right) Erik Stave, Rachel Johnson, Jim Lease
Bottom Row (left to right) Molly Blanchfield, Andrew Nicolay, Joel Stave