FAS Top 10 12 list of 2020:

(1) FAS – GVL LabLink HIMS integration – Visibility of illness and test results received from diagnostic labs available in real time in the FAS for making the best decisions about a pig flow’s health protocol.

(2) FAS Group Projection Flag –Better control for market pigs vs breeding stock that doesn’t follow a staged feeding budget.

(3) FAS Invoice Report – Add Customer PO Field: leveraging data only FAS brings together from the FAS feed order, the toll mill vendor and imported invoice to show a complete validated detail record of the nutrition presented to the animals.

(4) FAS User Security – Last Login: better visibility and maintenance of who’s who in your FAS site for more timely user security updates (remove / deactivate old users).

(5) FAS Inventory Link Tool – Tie an FAS inventory record (such as a sale) to a financial receipt record (packer payment) to deliver closeout data in FAS – both financial and group performance KPIs.

(6) FAS Group Production Type – Ability to label FAS groups according to your operational descriptions (nursery, finisher, replication) for a more complete analysis capability (filter by group production type, compare apples to apples).

(7) FAS Invoice and Vendor Integration Updates – Expand the already industry leading outbound order format and received feed invoice formats to accept even greater number of vendor systems types. Examples: FBS, QuickBooks, AgVance.

(8) FAS Scheduled Sales Report – Ability to bulk update: enhanced the scheduled sales tool in FAS to allow bulk edits around planned animal sales when the plans need to change a bit… no longer sale by sale. Example: Make a sweeping change if the weather doesn’t cooperate or a packer is closed.

(9) FAS Sales Projection  Implemented automatic sales distribution logic to help plan when you need to start marketing your animals based on a variety of easy to use performance characteristics.

(10) FAS Order Validation Updates  Further expansion of the feed desk best friend – FAS Order Validation – helping show where a budget is exhausted (“no days left in budget rule”) and a decision is made / guided how to extend feeding through sale of animals.

(11) FAS Survey Enhancements – Implemented several user suggested to make the FAS Survey tool even more friendly for the farm user or the administrative side. What’s FAS Survey? The best tool to learn what you don’t know FAST about your operation – a perfect replacement for paper forms and checklists on the farm that can help assure your PQA compliance.

(12) FAS File Sweeper – Tired of attaching files and sending emails? Let the sweeper help – quickly and securely uploads documents from your computer to one (or more) FAS installs. Examples: Invoice exports, nutrition updates.