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LeeO, Smart Order, and the Feed Allocation System (FAS) are all designed to work independently, however, they are even more powerful when they work together. Starting with LeeO that is focused on pigs at the farm level, then FAS that is focused on feed performance and then to Smart Order that provides a connection to the mills.

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Can you describe your operation for us?

We've been around a long time and are looking to grow more on both the grain and hog side. We’re not your typical hog operation, as we raise gilts for DNA and sell them all over the country. This makes FAS (Feed Allocation System) extra important to us because we sell pigs at all different weights.

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Prairie Systems and Interstates announce a strategic partnership to help revolutionize productivity and quality in feed manufacturing.

"With the changing regulations and competitive landscape of feed manufacturing evolve, feed mills and animal nutrition providers will need new digital tools to help them manage and grow their business. We will not be able to rely on paper and manpower to manage feed orders any longer," said Brandon Lowder, Prairie Systems Director of Sales.

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The Russcher family knows a thing or two about pork production. Their farm dates back to the early 1960s and has received several outstanding performance awards for having a top performing herd. In addition to those accolades, this February Denny Russcher was named the Michigan Master Pork Producer by the Michigan Pork Producers Association.

Denny is responsible for managing the breeding herd at Precision Pork, which is expected to reach 2,400 sows this year. In addition, the farm continues to be in the top 10 percent for their farm size and they currently wean over 35,000 pigs annually.

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Getting started with FAS

A little over a year ago — shortly after Alesha Nemechek started at S&C Pork — CEO Chris Schroeder walked over to her and dropped a Feed Allocation System (FAS) pamphlet on her desk.

"At the time, we were a little more spread out than we are today," Schroeder explained. "I felt very disconnected to the feed mills and we weren't doing a great job of knowing where feed was delivered, when, and to what barn until the end of the month when we received an invoice."

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