Don’t work harder. Work smarter.

Smart Order is an internet-based software designed to provide seamless, accurate confirmations of orders and deliveries. Smart Order creates a fully automated, easy-to-access, digital record of order history, current orders, and status.

Order Problems in Your Operation? Smart Order Can Help.

Order emails are not being received from my customers.

Stop wading through your inbox and see important information in one place.

Get instant access to orders in the Smart Order dashboard, creating a single hub for order communications from your customers.

Someone is out of the office and we missed an order.

You can’t always rely on the customer to do what your team needs, but you are always expected to deliver!

Eliminate email order issues by having all orders in the Smart Order dashboard, accessible to your whole team.

FAS customers call the order desk verifying orders are received.

With the FAS + Smart Order connection, when your order desk processes orders in Smart Order, the order status is automatically updated in FAS.

No more replying to emails or checking boxes needed!

The mill calls the order desk about orders for a specific day.

Eliminate those internal calls with the Smart Order dashboard.

Everyone on the team can see the orders in real-time, from the order desk, to the mill, to the management team.

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Push Paper Records Into The Past

Move the process of managing your ordering process from paper to digital. The need for faxes, phone calls, voicemail, paper, meetings and other older forms of managing your orders are eliminated. And, your data is safe and secure. You own your data, and no one can see it other than you and your customer.



Order Products: Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.

Smart Order is supported by a team of software developers that have spent the last decade building the perfect eProcurement system.


Data becomes insights with easy-to-use reporting.


Eliminate errors and misunderstanding.


Know your order status in real time.

I had some outside growers that were logging in and using the system in conjunction with me. It was just as easy for us to work together—them from their homes and me from the office. 

Tiffani, Customer Service